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Services to Expect From the Best Estate Planning Lawyers

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016

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Once you have decided that you want to start planning your estate, the next step for you will, naturally, be to try to find the right estate planning attorney to assist you in reaching your objectives.

This step is very important since it will not only dictate how your sound your estate plans will be but also whether or not they will stand up in the eyes of the law. Besides the usual qualities such as experience, qualifications, cost and reputation, it is important to know in advance the specific kinds of services that you can expect from the best Tax lawyer in tampa.

Having this kind of information beforehand will help you better evaluate your attorneys and discover whether or not you are getting your money’s worth.

Although the specific services provided by estate planning attorneys may differ in the details from one attorney to another, the following are the main services that every estate planning lawyer worth his or her salt should be able to provide for you:

  • Counselling and advice – this is one of the main services that are usually provided by estate planning attorneys all over the states. The counselling process begins right from the initial consultation with the attorney. The attorney will listen to your desires, discuss your estate planning objectives with you and then advise you on the best way to go when planning your estate.
  • Preparation of documents – although some estate planning documents such as wills are rather simple to draft, most of the others require particular expertise when they are written and a good estate planning attorney will be able to provide you with the same. Enlisting the help of an estate planning attorney in drafting even the simplest of estate plans will ensure that they are legally valid and can be upheld.
Implementation of estate plans – good estate planning attorneys can also act as administrators if you choose to give them powers of attorney. In that role, their work will be to ensure that all the provisions made in your estate plans are upheld and implemented even when you are unavailable or unable to oversee their implementation yourself.
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Important info on Bankrupcy

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016

   Bankrupcy is not simple process, and there are many things that can go wrong if you are not aware of some basic information regrading it. Not to mention that bankrupcy is not something  that is 100 percent good, it has its own drawbacks, which make bankrupcy announcements all that harder than they should be in some perfect world.

    What makes your bankrupcy eligible to go under one or the another chapter is something you should think before court process.  Chapter 7 allows you to keep all debts that are exempted, while others are discharged. Debts that are non-exempt are used to repay as much of the debts as it is possible. Chapter 13 is reorganization type bankrupcy process which includes repayment plan which contains everything that is required in order to repay all existing outstanding debts in period between three and five years.


   European Union brought a law about bankrupcy which forced many people to apply to chapter 13 instead of chapter 7 bankrupcy. The reason for this, as it was stated, was increased number of frauds, in which people saved a good part of their assets through holes in previous law, and structure of chapter 7. TO bring this law to full power courts have received power to force some parties to chapter 13.  Some parties can apply and go through with chapter 7, but requirements for that are more strict than they were in earlier years. This all new law deal brought some pros and some cons to the surface.

   c5A good thing about that is the right to avail to loan on the ground of bankrupcy, once you have all your loans repaid. The aim of this loan is to improve and restore your financial health to manageable level. The fact that bankrupcy stays on your credit card for up to 10 years is a negative thing that may happen. This will affect your chances on getting new loans, even new credit cards will not be something that will be attained easily.

   At the end of this article, most important thing to remember is that bankrupcy is not a good solution, only necessary thing when all else has failed. For more information visit dallas Best Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys.

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Filing a bankrupcy

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016

Bankrupcy is a worst nightmare of every person, both in private or public sphere of life. But a time may come when bankrupcy is only viable way out. When it comes the best thing to start with is knowledge of what to do and who to call to mend as much damage as possible.

 Filing bankrupcy is not as easy as it would seem, you can’t just go and declare yourself bankrupt, there is more to that. Full explanation of a way you got yourself in those business-breaking debts is needed, judge will require you to do so. Full list of all of your assets and debts will have to be filed to the court. This can be a bit misleading so here is how court disambiguate your assets and debts. Visit Dallas Best Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys for help.

Businesswoman holding hundred dollar bills

   Assets you own, and that you have filed will be divided according to their existing nature, and two categories of them are registered by court:

  • There are exempt assets, which can’t be realized in payment of debts. Some ewuity in your house, car, some personal items all belong to this category of assets which are safe during bankrupcy.
  • All other assets belong to non-exempt assets, and they can and they will be seized and sold in order to repay debts. All home property appart from aformentioned exempt assets belong to this category.

 Outstanding debts, that eventually brought you to your knees and to bankrupcy are classified in one of two categories:

  • Secured debts belong to first outstanding debts category. Debts that belong to this category have property that is provided as collateral. All property bough through credit belongs here ( second of anything, car, boat, home ).
  • All debts that don’t have property collateral belong to non-secured debts category. This includes credit car debts and medical mills among other things.

 All this and much more is a process of filing your bankrupcy to the court, and that is only a beginning of the general court process when bankrupcy is in question. Court  will issue some restrictions among other things that will pervent you from selling property and evading payment of those debts.

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